My See you later…

A year ago last month I left Omaha, a town I lived in for about two years, to come and temporarily stay in my hometown of Hastings, Nebraska. It was my last resort, an option I did not want to consider, but one I accepted after exploring all of my other non-options. Moving to Hastings far outweighed the stress, anxiety, fear, and drama that waited for me if I chose to stay in my apartment.  I packed all my things in one day with the help of my parents and left with my son for Hastings.

Growing up in this small town I had dreams of leaving it behind. “There is NOTHING to do here!.” I would say. When you are 17 years old I’m not quite sure what I meant as nothing…I’m also sure as a 17 year old there is not much to do anywhere  besides hang out at friends’ houses or cruise along the main street in search of a party or gathering. My 17 year old self would have gasped at future me saying this…”Hastings has SO much to offer and is a beautiful small town that will be missed very much.” It has been an absolutely perfect place to spend this past year.

I’m standing on the verge of making a big move. I’m excited very much for the next steps in my life and ready for the chaos of it all but it’s bittersweet. When I look at life I see beauty and good and when I look out the window of the store I currently work at I know I’m going to miss seeing what’s playing on the marquee of the movie theatre across the street. I’m going to miss seeing Jennica and Susie at the Blue Moon almost everyday. To the customers that frequent the coffee shop it’s such a chill place to go. I wonder if we all feel as if it’s ‘ours’ the same way patrons of a bar feel as if that bar is ‘theirs’.

When I moved here I was offered the opportunity of managing the store ‘climate’. I’ve loved loved loved every second, and found passion in something I’ve longed for. While managing the day to day duties and hiring the kids that work here, whom I love, I’ve taken a huge part in the creativity of the store. Created the logo and every advertisement that goes out to press, banners, flyers, the Facebook page and website, in-store design including the back wall artwork, and I’ve taken sooo many photos for creative backdrops. While loving every second of that, I’ve learned so much from Jason Schreiner, the owner of Climate, who is probably one of the smartest men on earth. Ask him anything…he has infinite knowledge. Every second I’ve spent at Climate has been awesome and I’m so grateful for the opportunity and feel very blessed to have gotten to know all of you. Jason, Alex, Karla, Austin, Jena…oh Jena…:), and especially you Daisy. We’ve spent almost everyday together just hanging out and taking care of business. Can’t pretend that workplaces don’t have their own drama and spending so much time together can sometimes cause problems to arise, but seriously EVERYDAY is such a pleasure and everyday for the past year I’ve looked forward to seeing everyone of you. Whether you work here still or not. I hope it continues in such a manner. And every time I come “home” to visit I am stopping in to say hi. Maybe just hang out for an hour…haha….and drink coffee. But I’m on to the next steps in life and I’m confident in my choice and I’m confident in all of you. You’ll all be wonderful. Don’t lose touch. I’ll miss ALL OF YOU.

When I walk down 2nd street in the downtown of Hastings I see so many good things going on. Reconstruction of old buildings, and the upper level of many buildings have been turned into condos, apartments, or studios. There’s a great bakery, a cute little bookstore, a tattoo studio, the movie theatre, a design and advertising firm, a clothing store, coffee shop, antique stores, and just so many nice smiling people walking by as well. And it’s not just the downtown that is a great place to be, but it’s the town..the whole city that gets involved with different events. Hastings is just a cute, little, great place to be.

It’s not just the atmosphere of Hastings that I’ll miss, but it’s my friends that I’ve reconnected with and the friends I’ve made while being here. I really don’t know what I’m going to do without you. This last summer was one of the best ever, as we so set out affirming that it would be. I will make frequent calls and I’ll be back OFTEN. I say that now and I intend to follow through.  Some of you may have not even known that I’m moving.  I’m not really fond of saying goodbye so I’m sorry, but I’ll for sure see you again!!! So it’s ok and it’s going to be like…I’m not even gone! I’m just a little further away!

So to my friends….I love you and we will have more memories for the future. I’ll miss you all immensely and please make sure you have absolutely no fun without me. 🙂

To my coworkers…You’ve all made this past year one of my best. I know climate will be great. Just keep smiling and doing what you all do best. I’ll miss you SO much.

To my family…Would not be here if it wasn’t for you. The amount of love and appreciation is overflowing. And I’m so grateful to have two of the most wonderful parents I could ask for. I never asked for em, but God just knew you were perfect. I love you so much and I will probably end up calling A LOT. So prepare yourself. 🙂

To the future…Words can’t really express the butterflies I’ve felt this past week…or the butterflies I’ve felt the past year…good ones…nervous ones…excited ones…all of them have led up to the next few days.  Seriously…words can’t express what I’m jumping into. 🙂 All I know is I’m excited to build my life with you. So ready yourself for some super great days. And yes…I’ll pick up McDonald’s on our way in. Then it’s healthy cooking and workin out on the bow-flex!! 🙂 I know the butterflies will never stop…they will be there in all different kinds of situations and I’m looking forward to it. I love you.

OK. That’s my goodbye to Hastings. What has been my home for about 19 years of my life will no longer be. We’ll see you again though! Farewell and you’ll be missed.


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