Heavy Rain

I should not play video games before bed…or go to bed with the computer. First of all, the last thing my waking eyes see before bed should not be shaking hands covered in blood , a dark tunnel filled with broken glass that I have to crawl through and an unlocked motel room with a killer on the loose. Not good sleeping material especially for me, with dreams already filled with violence, breaking & entering and kicking ass.  (In my dreams I live a secret life of a spy/assassin heroin always defending good against evil and barely escaping with her life. Whether it be against robbers, gangsters, an ex boyfriend, or quite recently…zombies, it makes for an interesting sleep at least.)

Well, I recently purchased a new video game for the PS3.  With my boyfriend having Call of Duty to fall into after he gets home, and NCAA Football to indulge in with his friend, Nick, who I believe is completely obsessed with “advancing…”, I was feeling pushed out. I do find it hard to believe how it’s fun to “recruit” for 25 minutes a night, play  a 20 minute football game EVERY night, and then recruit some more for a ‘dynasty’? And what is this advancing stuff. I’ve picked up Nate’s phone more than a couple times because Michael Jackson won’t stop singing, “Beat It” and it’s Nick with a text saying, “Advancing” or “Advanced Yet?” or “You gonna advance f*cker?”

I’m not a boy though, and although I love sports and playing them, I just don’t think I’ll ever be able to GAME them.

I can however game something I probably and hopefully (cross my fingers) will never do in real life. Like chasing a serial killer around town with clues that he left me to save my son.It’s like a whole episode of Criminal Minds! Which may be the only cop show I care to watch. Anyway it’s called “Heavy Rain”. I really wanted something Nate and I could play together like “Uncharted” but there is nothing out like it right now so said the girl at Game Stop. We’ll just have to wait till Uncharted 3 comes out.

So we play this ‘Heavy Rain’ together and take turns and help each other out. No idea how close I am to finding the killer, but all I know is I need to give myself a good half hour before bed of reading something happy or shopping for shoes on the internet before I close my eyes, because my imagination just starts running wild.  Doors Locked? What was that noise? Someone outside? Where’s our fake BB pistol gun? I guess it helped last night, only I woke up at 2 am with the laptop 3 inches from my face. Not comfortable. But I did dream about shopping that night….so I guess it did help.

Well, I’m all wrapped in this game until it’s over. Maybe then I’ll switch to a book and keep it all balanced out. Perhaps it’ll be a SCHOOL BOOK!


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