Found a ‘doll’house for my BOY

Well…I found a dollhouse for Tatum. For some reason he asked for a dollhouse awhile ago around Christmas time. And I was all for it. . I thought to myself,  maybe he can find inspiration to become a great architect someday. My guy friends were however skeptical about how a little boy could want a dollhouse. Getting him one was out of the question especially since the dollhouses we see out there are made with white trim and pink carpet. I opted for a three level garage instead. Or at least that’s what ‘santa’ did. He loves it by the way with his wooden cars and a pump for gas, a helipad, and an elevator.

But I knew there had to be something architecturally sound and modern made somewhere out there. This ‘doll’ house is from Brinca Dada and reminds of something Frank Loyd Wright-ish. I would LOVE this for Tatum or any of my future children, but at a hefty $329+ (+ for furniture and people of course) it might be something I’ll be saving for instead, for a bit anyways. I might also mention…the lights are powered by solar power. Are you kidding me? There’s many features to these houses so check out Brinca Dada’s website at


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