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Well, It looks like I’m ready to blog again. Not that I was not ‘ready’ before. The past month or two have been pretty busy though. Besides working out and not getting anywhere I’ve revised my workout plan and with the help of my boyfriend I now wake up at 6:15am to get some reps in. But I absolutely loathe it. One morning I practically screamed at him. *sad face* He didn’t deserve it, but I like my morning sleep! So much that the snooze button gets pushed an average of 7 times each day.

I’ve also just completed my first semester back in school. OH school…and life choices.

On the football note…Nate & his team started their 2-a-days today. Looks like his summer is pretty much over, besides the weekends, we still have a few good ones left before fall. This past weekend we joined some friends on their newly purchased pontoon boat at Branched Oak Lake. It turned into a fantastic day and I was happy we could bring Tatum. He had so much fun first off, driving the boat, and then I was definitely surprised at how many times he jumped into the water, or got tossed into the air. We were out there for a good 6 hours which included dinner, karaoke and almost a brawl with some crazed boaters that wanted a problem with Nate. (HOW crazy was that?) When we finally left the Lake around 8, Tatum was passed out in 3 minutes. We had a good lightening show on the way home, and Nate talked the WHOLE way home even though we were both super tired. What is his motto? If your are not driving…you should be sleeping?! Yup. I think quite the opposite.

Nick let Tatum drive the boat. Probably the best part of his day…besides all the swimming, jumping, singing, juice, and intertube wars we had. 🙂

Anyways..into the end of summer we go. I just hope the leaves don’t fall off the trees all at the same time.


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