Class Reunion Invitation


Recipe Book

Once in awhile I get a great idea and go with it. I designed recipe book for a friend who was getting married. I collected recipes from friends and families then uploaded my pages to blurb and they printed the book. Click the link to preview the whole book. This is just a peek at what it entails.

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Horizon Fire

Sometimes I paint…or…sometimes I attempt it. This is my first complete painting in about 8 years. I plan on doing it a lot more. Acrylic on Canvas.

Climate Apparel

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Wedding Invitations

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Fremont Area Young Professionals

Logo Design and Business Cards designed for the Fremont Area Young Professionals Group

The first couple weeks of a workout program are the hardest. At least for me. The first two weeks actually turn into the first 3 months…and by the end of the 3rd month trying to work out everyday…I finally get it, 6 days a week, mostly every week. But the one thing I need more than anything is good music. Music while working out is like my second life force. The first is my heart. Duh. The 3rd is probably my brain. Zoning out while running that 2nd mile or the 35th squat is key. All I want to hear is a beat and pretend I’m a machine, which isn’t entirely out of this world. I’ve compiled a must have list of awesome music that keeps my muscles pumping. Try it for inspiration and a killer workout.

  • Levels – ‘Avici’
  • Don’t Stop the Party – ‘Black Eyed Peas’
  • Rock that Body – ‘Black Eyed Peas’
  • Imma Be – ‘Black Eyed Peas’ (Can you tell I like them…? “I’m gonna be chillin on the next level…i’m gonna be look all fly and shit”) 🙂
  • Party Rock Anthem – ‘LMFAO’
  • Sexy and I Know it – “LMFAO’ (Perfect song for when you’re gettin MORE sexy’
  • The Island I & II – ‘Pendulum’ (Two songs)
  • ONE – ‘Swedish House Mafia’
  • Some Chords – ‘Deadmau5’
  • Moar Ghost N Stuff – ‘Deadmau5’
  • Black Hole Invaders – ‘Aaren San’
  • On the Dancefloor – ‘David Guetta’ (the whole song its like “TURN IT UP…on fire…TURN IT UP” really makes me forget how tired I am and keeps me goin.

So its either these or David Guetta Radio on Pandora. Hope it helps your next workout!


Workout Playlist to Keep Going

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